Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Just Fine Music

I was dozing on the couch last night, and was suddenly wakened by the most delightful music.

It was Merle Haggard and the Strangers on Austin City Limits.
This music was just so delightful! I got a big smile on my face and couldn't stop chuckling.
I hadn't heard much of Merle...just a few songs on the radio on long trips hitchhiking in Oregon in the early 70's.
And "Okee from Muskogee".

But these songs were just great! The music was familiar...West Coast/Bakersfield with a nice touch of Texas Swing.
The the music had a familiar ring, they were different and unique with hooks that took me places. Fiddle solos, honking sax, blaring trumpet and Merle's understated lead quitar solos on his Fender tele.

Merle's voice is distinct and it seemed that his vocals were effortless. This band was perfect and lent many of solo performance.

I'll have to see if there's a rerun. This show also featured a segment with The Derailers.