Friday, August 27, 2004

what I look like, what I think

walking through Life alone
mostly alone
my thoughts are keeping me company
On the periphery, my life is touched
for moments
fleeting conversations
acquaintances giving small glimpses
of what lies within their minds
not often the unmasked face
or unbridled thought.
I inhabit a world of voyeurs
uninhibited blog thoughts and
exhibitionist web cams
People daring others to look
showing a tiny look behind the mask,
or the very mask?
Saying, This is what I look like
This is what I think.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


she walks in her own world
she is delighted
smiles at thoughts within her mind
headphones playing her music, her style
handbag pink and white
wrist with silver and jewels
red painted toes
smiles of recognition my way
tautness of youth
then back into her world, her thoughts
she walks away, the Smiling Girl