Tuesday, March 08, 2005

((A Bright Red Scream))

Just perusing my son's xanga blog today. And noticed one of the blogrings he's got linked on his page. ((A Bright Red Scream)) This Blogring has links to 90 blogs, of youths who cut and self-injure.

The common thread...they are screaming for help...fighting depression, and over all bad life situations.

I see it up close. And can't find the answers or the magic words.

finding him

don't know how to help him
don't know if I can
reaching out useless hands, offering inadequate words
standing by and watching the cut
watching the pain that refuses to be named
he finds release his way
lets it flow out
dancing on danger, flirting with disaster

if I only had magic words
miraculous turns of a phrase
that would heal and mend
to make everything new again.