Thursday, March 27, 2014

seeds of love

[November 8, 2013 at 7:12pm]

point in the right direction

hoping that my ideas are real true
and that ideas went from me to them

I pray the god I cannot see or believe in
that I have sowed the seeds of love

they read and fill their minds with the words of wisdom
they look
and feel
and place the ideas
into the proper places
in their hearts and minds

sorting through what are lies
and what are true

what I if matches those slots and categories

and one day

their children

copyright 2013 by Marc S. McCune

shade of colour

yet another year passed,
a shade of colour gone by

was it two months ago
at Christmas?

no, the weather came then,
and no one moved.

not Thanksgiving, but summer time.

The tiny shock of a visage changed

a full beard and hairline receding
as weeks turned into years.

time passes because I let it slide
as the mind plays tricks
and the heart pays little attention

we think they are near
and a part of our things,
but only in time capsules

one, two, three holidays a year
and another shade of colour
turns to another shade of gray

© 2014 by Marc S. McCune All Rights Resesrved