Wednesday, January 20, 2010

no boogey woogey

not in the mood
for boogey woogey tonight

I put on the vinyl, listening
to old new music.
art I had missed
twenty-five years passed,
when my mind was somewhere else
before my mind started
to find its way home.

not in the mood
for wailing blues tonight
not even this
old new
Box of Frogs.

I need razor notes, or even
chiming, jangly chords,
with words that make me
nod in assent

some Maximum R&B that really isn't

notes only up
no blue ones,
with tops that are down turned
nothing that bows low, to the earth,
near the dirt.

tonight I need air,
razor chimes.

© 2010 Marc S. McCune

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

could not tell you

my thoughts spill out,
but I don't always know
how to catch them
don't know how to dress them up
so that you can see
what I see

these ideas pour forth
but the words to show
the world that exists
behind the veneer
escape me
makes me struggle to tool them
forge some meaning
to make you understand

©January 2010 by Marc S. McCune, All Rights Reserved