Wednesday, August 31, 2005

every morning

every morning she bikes to the train station
she arrives, winded from her ride.
cool shades, rough blonde hair,
sweaty and blowing in the breeze.
she sheds her backpack, shrugging it off,
catching the cool breeze against her
overheated body.
I notice erect, braless nipples,
taut against the sweat dampened fabric
of her under armour sports shirt;
some mornings, more erect and sensual then on others.
this morning, it must have been an especially rigorous bike ride.
I look up from The Reader,
we look at each other and say hellos, like every morning;
and as always, I can't help but notice
her erect nipples and perfectly shaped breasts.
She goes on to do her post-ride stretches and cool down,
her leg high on the nearby hand rail
stretching her body, reaching her hands
to touch her toes.
first one leg, then the other.
I put my sunglasses back on
and walk to my spot, preparing to board the train.


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by your ability to observe the little details of beauty in the people around you to brighten your day. It's amazingly erotic, Marc! and also, it makes me want to improve my own biking, sweat it out, and stretch my limbs to their limit... And I am not sure, is she the Smiling Girl from the train? or is she some other girl who captured your imagination?

Marc said...

No...this is not The Smiling Girl.
Just someone who caught my eye. eye candy in the summer months.