Thursday, May 17, 2007

yet a little slumber

he's left wreckage in his wake
looking back on years of
acting the grasshopper
not much like the ant
looking back on what's squandered and lost
because of neglect and sloth.

Even having known the wisdom,
of a little of the folding of the hands to sleep,
yet like the fabled ostrich
head in sand
he laid waste to his increase
and neglected his seed.
laid waste with rust and dust.


debbie said...

There once was a flood and a old man sat on his roof praying that God would rescue him. A rowboat came by and asked if he could help, but the man said he was waiting for
God to rescue him. So the row boat went away.
Next a motorboat came and they asked the man to come, but he refused saying he was waiting for God to rescue him. They left also.
Next a helicoptor came and lowered its ladder and shouted come up, but the man refused again.
Time passed and the flood worsened and the old man drowned. When he met God he asked God why he didn't save him, God said "I sent two boats and a helicoptor, you refused them all so I thought you didn't need me."

Anonymous said...


Your cousin in Pittsburgh looking for you.

Marc said...

Which Cousin? he/she should leave a name. I'd love to meet up with my cousins.