Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summer and The Smiling Girl

It is a nice morning,
sun shining, the start of a hot summer Chicago day.
Reading my book on the train, chitchatting with my train friend;
then the morning turned brighter.
There she appeared...The Smiling Girl

She has just returned from Italy six days ago.
She'd finished her last quarter studying art history
in Italy...the Sistine Chapel, Venice,
all of those historic places in the old country.

Her smile, bright as usual, and sparkly eyes,
her straight brown hair, now to the middle of her back
her body ready for summer.

We walked together catching up on the past few months,
talking about new babies, jobs and small talk.
Coordinating our train schedules.
We part ways on the street, she heading toward the Lake,
me north up Wacker.
"See you later!"

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