Wednesday, January 22, 2003

a friend asked:

"So what would I do if I could do anything and everything?"

I would become an archeologist.
I would learn Latin. I think...for thousands of years, Latin was the main language of the learned. Can you imagine how much was written over the period of so many centuries? I'd like to haunt the old libraries and archives and see what the people of old wrote.

I'd also like to play my guitar in small intimate venues all over the world...little clubs or home concerts.
Like the lyrics of a song I once quoted here:
. . . I have an artistic bent
It's like a coin thats spent
On people deaf, dumb, and blind
They pay no mind
I wonder someday, I hope soon
Get my guitar in tune
And play that song here in my head
Before I'm dead. .

I'd re-visit all of the old places that made an impact on me in this life:
- sleep under the stars in Montana...I want to see that breathtaking sky again...away from the light pollution of the big cities
- hike the dear trails of Cool, California
- hike the wash at Molino Basin on Mt. Lemmon
- take a warm shower in the water fall at the Sink Hole in Millhopper Woods, Gainsville, FL
- bake cookies with Chris Olson
- buy tacos from the street vendors in Juarez, Mexico
- ride the rapids at the river in Spokane, Washington
- Maybe I'd bungee jump
- Maybe I'd Skydive
- visit Alaska and look for Mastadon Ivory (I had a friend who used to make Alaska runs for ivory to do scrimshaw)
- finally eat an Abalone sandwich with Jeff Smith
- visit the volcanoes in Hawaii and Pompei
---there's so much more...and so little time