Wednesday, January 22, 2003


When my son James was born, I was immediately in love.
I was amazed at how this love blossomed instantly and I knew it would be forever.

James did not have to coax me to fall in love with him, or to pass any test of loyalty.
As his father I cannot help but love him.
And as he gets older, through thick and thin, I still love him.
Through discipline and heartache and adolescent angst, I still love him.

and I look back at my mother...and how she sacrificed and gave of her self for me and my siblings.
How she was patient in love
throughout all my screwball ideas, she loves me
throughout all the lonely time, she loves me

seeing the substance of my love as a father for my son;
I am not surprised that my mother loves me.
I am not surprised that God loves me.
one does not work for this kind of give it or accept it.