Thursday, January 16, 2003

My God-Search whole life is living for God.
I have been on a God-search since I was a child
I have stopped at many points along the way and believed many things.
My bro. Tom taught me a song--
"I've traveled far and wide, seen life from many sides;
many would be happy if they could.
I found the happy way
I met God the night I prayed;
I've tasted and I know the Lord is good.
--Good, the Lord's been good to me
He's filled my empty life with reality
Good, much better than I thought it would;
I've tasted and I know the Lord is Good.

Traveling far and wide;
many say you've got to do this to be totally for God
You've got to do that to be totally for God.
In the Assembly, we taught and believed that you had to sell and dispose of everything to be totally for God
others teach you got to keep certain rules and laws to be totally for God;
others teach that you've got to deny and forsake what God created to be holy (set apart) for God.

I wonder and can I be totally for God? What am I doing wrong? How come I'm not perfect?
-in the search I embraced the idolatry of mankind's imaginations of God.
mankind's idea that God must require the ultimate sacrifice to be pleased
-sacrificing virgins on the altars of stone, and in watery cenotes so He will be pleased
feeding babies to Moloch so He will be pleased
there must be something we can do so that He will be pleased.

But the teacher Jesus boiled down all of the hundreds of years of tradition to what is needful;
anulled thousands of years of vain imaginations and schizoid religious voices to what was needful;
And I realize that with all my heart I already do such..."Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength"
and "love you neighbor as yourself"...striving to do unto others that which I'd want them to do unto me.
The Golden Rule, that was spoken by Confucius, taught by the Greeks and Jews, now quoted by Jesus.

Is that all? It can't be as simple as that. You mean, I don't have to keep 613 mitzvat...or the 10 commandments, or the 7 Noahide commands?
Well those two that Jesus said, wrap up the whole law. If you are keeping those two, then you are keeping all.

I realize that I already am totally for God.